Endless Gifts (107)

Quick pack up of all the Christmas decor and deckhands to help move it back to the container Feeling uncluttered Chicken strips and fries Ortho kids starting to get their casts off and the HOPE center that allows them a safe place to run and be a kid And all those little walkers that our... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (72)

The first Benin 2016 Advance Team dinner and so much happiness A time of prayer with the Advance Team and Nancy Nash "You are the bones of this mission" The image of divine protection and obedience Some Balance┬áby Everybody Duck In his seat, in a boat, on an ocean far from here There's a man... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (47)

Torrential rain on a morning when I really didn't want to run Surprise eggs and bacon for Monday breakfast! Watching as a VVF patient was wheeled out of the OR and back to B Ward, watching as she sleeplily smiled and then I couldn't help by smile because just hours before she was a marginalized... Continue Reading →

11:5 – 5,000 New Smiles

In honor of the Dental Clinic's quiet but profound impact over the last six or so months and seeing their 5,000th patient (and 20,000 procedures) I give you a heap of smiles ­čÖé

11:5 – The Dental Clinic

┬á The Dental Clinic up and running and since its opening in November they have seen over 1,000 patients!! We have dentists from around the world coming to help with procedures (extractions, fillings, cleanings and oral hygiene).┬áThe average amount of teeth removed per patient is 6-8 teeth! Comfort teaches proper dental hygiene while patients wait... Continue Reading →

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