Endless Gifts (65)

Pop Rock parties in the supply closet Mabel's endless stories and entertainment and laughs A board member who humbly comes to work in the dining room serving our meals A call to prayer for a patient in need and all crew stopping what we were doing to pray When the chef comes down to show... Continue Reading →

The One Where Its OK

Today our hearts are broken over the loss of a young patient. The beautiful 5-year-old girl from Northern Madagascar passed away on board the Africa Mercy on Thursday 10 March, at 5.45pm. She died two days after a very unusual, rare and severe reaction to the surgical procedure in combination with¬†general anaesthetic, during treatment to... Continue Reading →

Dear Sebastian

My dear, sweet Sebastian, You make my heart smile, and when you curl up and rest your head against my chest I feel such a calm come over your little body and I know you can feel my love for you. I won't forget the way you felt in my arms or the way your... Continue Reading →

Fragile and Unfair

Even on a hospital ship, whose purpose is to bring hope and healing, there are still limits.¬†Monday I watched as two precious little ones left the ship, one in a beautiful yellow sundress and a beaming smile on her face headed for the HOPE Center. The other cradled with love in the arms of a... Continue Reading →

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