Endless Gifts (53)

Christmas cheer sent from the Love Villa and Lollie and April ... but oh the glitter bomb! Robyn's company in the cafe when I found myself on an unexpected evening shift Three statements of affirmation, a hug with a fatherly kiss and kind words, and thoughtful gestures that nourished my soul Lots of love in the... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (51)

A small group that inspires me and encourages me with their personal stories of God's faithfulness to relentlessly pursue our hearts Opportunities to be a part of the Academy and bless the kids, even if its just reading a quick story on D.E.A.R day One step closer to Pier 99 being complete thanks to one... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (50)

Morning conversations about nothing in particular over a french press Robert putting together my new shelf I thought I wouldn't get until Christmas, and finally feeling organized! Growing families New fun coloring books for grown ups and sharing some of the funnier pages with friends to help brighten their day Getting the cherry in the... Continue Reading →

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