Endless Gifts (155)

12 month growth goals written down and a plan starting to fall in place to make it all happen... including getting Howard the Jellyfish Catching up with Anna and another happy hour discussing life and books A quick phone chat with Dianna and how great it is to have a friend to laugh with and... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (154)

300 Writing Prompts journal The sun is back!!!! Coffee breaks in the sun Easy filming segment for the Assistance League of the Eastside's fundraising video Making a good life choice... even though it felt far from good Going to my first book club meeting and having a wonderful time with a group of women who... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (153)

My Lenten wreath from Joywares finally arrived! Clearing out the inbox and getting back to zero action items Planting my office succulent and yet another lesson in patience Having in person 1:1 meetings with my team instead of over the phone Finding the missing bottle of vitamins A memory picture on my drive into work... Continue Reading →

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