Endless Gifts (124)

Quick answers to quick prayers for health, strength and energy Two amazing friends who said such quick prayers Eric being available to travel to Yaoundé last minute as translator 4 hours of introvert time Dinner at a Yaoundé favorite A car and driver to collect us from the bus station Fruit cut up just for... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (122)

Peeps from the Cash kids and kickass reminder from the Cash mama The first element is all together and ready to go When the really amazing contact really is that amazing and ensures VIP treatment The first patient registration came in and then so many more after it Finding a really good pizza and hummus... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (121)

Taxi Tetris and making it to the bus station right on time Wendy and Michele's support and friendship and that they just get it Breakfast outside  No more worms or mothy bugs or snails or other creepy crawlies Uneventful travel to Douala and quickly getting settled into the new place Walking home in the rain... Continue Reading →

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