Endless Gifts (144)

Dahlias on the porch Netflix access at 2am when the jet lag really sucks Discovering old favorites from storage boxes, including my Japanese tea set and crock pot! Fresh raspberries and huckleberry jam Afternoon prosecco with Carrie and finally meeting little man, Conner Cole! New sheets and a queen size bed all to myself A... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (143)

Opportunities to catch up with friends before leaving and very kind gifts Last fajita night! Myriam's unconditional kindness and friendship An invitation for ice cream even if it didn't work out Another really great conversation with Renee Quick doctor's appointments and how easy it is to get prescriptions Cabin 4324 last girl's night Last local... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (142)

The hospital is open and already legs have been straightened and tumors have been removed! Taking a lap around the ship and boutiquing with Bethany... and all the other retirement community activities she shares with me Amazing food from the Immigrations police Starting to fill up my calendar with friends and family events Surviving my... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (141)

Coffee and a review with Sandrine and that even after five months of working and living together we're still friends Pizza and laughter with Bethany and Angie and getting off ship for a little bit All six seasons of Game of Thrones were on movie night Getting to show off our ship and hospital to... Continue Reading →

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