Endless Gifts (131)

Hearing someone play piano from the open window and reading by candlelight Getting a bill paid even if it did take a lot of effort and mental energy The fresh sound of rain and the cool breeze it gave so I could sleep UHT milk doesn't go bad, even after 3 days The HR team... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (130)

Safe travels between Douala and Yaoundé Lord knows I need coffee to start the day and finding just the right person to share some with at SIL When a morning pep talk becomes unnecessary Fresh mornings in Yaoundé where I'm actually cold Sadat and the Commissaire's extra late work outside business hours to get our... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (129)

Contacts in Benin who connect the dots in Cameroon  Delayed containers means a few extra days to get the exoneration without the stress of looming storage fees  Parking spots big enough for the beast cars ... I mean Land Cruisers  A kind guard who let me sneaky park in the employee garage and I avoided... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (128)

That moment when the DG across from me says, "Yes, we can help. What do you need?" Sandrine's wisdom and discernment in a difficult situation Shifting into 5th gear after spending 45 minutes in first gear All four Toyotas are inspected and good to go! Caroline who made the trip to Toyota and sat in... Continue Reading →

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