Endless Gifts (114)

Krissy's heart for the Peace Corp volunteers and how she finds ways to connect them with the ship Krissy sharing honestly at the evening Equipping to Serve about her experience living and working in Benin Delicious local food from Valerie's Fondation Zinsou's invitation for private tours just for our crew Our infant feeding program and... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (113)

A musical chair dinner with some of my favorites And a very thoughtful and kind card from some of my other favorites Making friends with Ann-Marie on A ward... playing cards with her and talking about our hometowns Container day! The randomness of a day and the comical way someone announces they have quit Michele's... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (112)

Taking the long way to the crew clinic means playing with some plastics kiddos on little cars Nooma videos and good thoughts When someone speaks life and encouragement and validates you Angie saving the meal by finding tortillas Cupcakes and celebrating community Stoney's ginger beer when there's a bug going round the ship A challenge... Continue Reading →

The One about the Ragman

I was reminded of a story tonight and it's just too beautiful not to share. It's a story I heard as a child when my dad read it to one of the youth groups. And to this day it remains one of my favorite stories and clearest picture of God's undeserved and sacrificial love for... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (111)

Last shawarma run with Katie Peppermint mocha flavor is back in the cafe by gifting of a crew member Monday Funday waffle night and the lovelies that helped And then girls night and laughing at ridiculousness with Ivanna and Emma When things I thought would be a fight turn out to be easy peasy A... Continue Reading →

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