Endless Gifts (84)

The long awaited for phones have finally arrived for the screening team 7 minute workouts Sharing a meal with new friends Discovering the even closer and quieter grocery store ... And another option for dark chocolate pistachio bars The news of my grandma's death came on a day when I could handle it Matthew 11:28... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (83)

Coming home after a frustrating meeting to the gift of a Diet Coke from the ever thoughtful Sandrine 15 minutes alone in the Team House... in complete silence Another contract signed and the joy that we can support small business And hearing the magical words, "Can you send it by e-mail, that is more practical"... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (82)

Sparklers and Pop-Its and shared experiences for the 4th of July in Benin Answered prayer and literally seeing a man's heart and attitude towards Mercy Ship change in just a matter of minutes Finding the missing receipt Sleep Enoc and Roguy's help When my voice is heard Sandrine's help to correct 275 documents Knowing I... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (81)

Making Sandrine laugh so hard she actually cried Friends who understand though I'm online often I'm just rubbish at messages during Advance but they know that I love them still A meeting with a Minister and the reminder this is a pretty special life When meetings come with a side of espresso Customs director coming... Continue Reading →

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