The One about Fulfillment

I've a little personal tradition, every year on my birthday I give myself a word for the next year. Its been a fun little way to see how everything connects together and to see how a theme, so to speak, develops in my life. 29: The year of FUN 30: The year of ADVENTURE 31:... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (50)

Morning conversations about nothing in particular over a french press Robert putting together my new shelf I thought I wouldn't get until Christmas, and finally feeling organized! Growing families New fun coloring books for grown ups and sharing some of the funnier pages with friends to help brighten their day Getting the cherry in the... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (49)

Dianna's playfulness and joy in the laundry room And there have been two weeks in a row where the laundry room hasn't made me frustrated, annoyed or tested my patience! Jenelle stepping in at the last minute to host Monday Funday A refreshing, honest and motivating conversation that reminded me to pursue excellence in my... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (48)

Sierra Leone is Ebola free! David Forrest's morning encouragement and prayer for April and I and even clearing our breakfast dishes Men in our community who model humility and obedience even when its difficult and means apologizing This sign on the door to E Ward and the inspiration it was for me to make my... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (47)

Torrential rain on a morning when I really didn't want to run Surprise eggs and bacon for Monday breakfast! Watching as a VVF patient was wheeled out of the OR and back to B Ward, watching as she sleeplily smiled and then I couldn't help by smile because just hours before she was a marginalized... Continue Reading →

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