Endless Gifts (34)

Being back in "my" time zone Making a friend on the train to Rotterdam to make the trip go faster A perfectly delightful hotel room at the Rotterdam Holiday Inn (with a choice of soft or firm pillows!)   Being able to put one of my bags onto the next Holland container so I don't... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (33)

A last Thai lunch with Katie Love Random discovery of Hi-Chews in an Uber... oh an Uber in general is pretty fantastic Two bags packed, weighed and ready to go Beth at Raptim Travel who handled my rebookings and got everything sorted for me so I still would arrive in Amsterdam on time. Finally getting... Continue Reading →

Making A Difference with Mercy Ships

What an incredible 2014/15 field service in Madagascar!! So excited to go back and get Mada 2015/16 started in August! Thank you Redmond Reporter for the chance to share some of my experience! Thank you everyone who made it possible for me to be a part of Mercy Ships! Want to join my support team... Continue Reading →

The One about “Home”

"Is this even home for you anymore?" Is home where my nephew, Pete, barrels into me with ninja hugs when he sees me? Is it where we have family BBQs? Or where the Monday Funday always lives up to its name? Is it where I can celebrate weddings and births and all the other milestones?... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (32)

Free water with every meal out and lots of refills Learning to poach an egg A Bobbi Brown makeover with no pressure to buy anything and feeling flawless for an afternoon Skype with JJ and the kiddos My grandma letting me use her car for a few days An interview with the Redmond Reporter and... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (31)

Not having to sign out a vehicle or being limited to just four hours Matador Happy Hour with two of my favorite Starbucks ladies, Amber and Anna Finding my Orca card and better yet, discovering it still has $8.72 on it! Laura Rose is engaged!! Inside jokes with friends that make us all laugh no... Continue Reading →

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