Endless Gifts (30)

Running through the forest instead of the Port The gift of new clothes and shopping with Nadene Rachel arrived safe and sound and I got a chance to sit in the cell phone waiting lot and watch a lovely northwest sunset Sorting through my old boxes and purging about four boxes worth of things, but... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (29)

Brunch at Hector's with Carrie (and Mimosas!) It may have taken two years but I finally saved enough to buy a new laptop Catching up with dear friends and getting to hear their stories from the last two years A new Bible and how I always think of Tami Fenno when I read Psalm 119.... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (28)

Seeing a movie in a theater for the first time since spring 2013! Jet lag only lasted a day Getting to try on clothes before buying them Being reunited with my food buddy and all the yummy food in Dallas Relaxing in a Jacuzzi under the stars An afternoon at the JFK memorial Sixth Floor... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (27)

Sambany made it back to his village and the group that took him home made it back to the ship safe and sound after three days of hiking Getting to hear about the journey to take Sambany home in Community meeting, can't wait to share the video and story! The space to look back on... Continue Reading →

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