The One with The Patients

We have seen 1,128 patients come up and down our gangway. We have seen lives transformed before us and seen miracles happen in the ORs… airways cleared, babies intubated without complications, and most recently, a dental patient admitted and lifesaving surgery performed. Deck 3 is a sacred place, not because of the medical staff but... Continue Reading →

The One Where A Prostitute Smiles

There's a woman sitting awkwardly at the bar top. Her eyes dart around the restaurant as she tugs at her too short skirt. She is beautiful but looks miserable. I watch as she straightens her back and and flashes a false smile at the guy who just walked up to her... its time for her... Continue Reading →

The One Where I’m Still Overwhelmed

During my Onboarding field service we painted a few murals of Africa, I remember thinking the little island off the southeast coast must be a mistake but no it wasn’t. It was Madagascar, a country I’d never even thought twice about. And now here I am. That little blob on the side of the map... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (26)

A tangible wildflower reminder Clean feet A peaceful afternoon in town by myself to regroup and breathe deep Coming home to a sweet treat on my desk And finding fun lemurs in my office Pam's patience and kindness when I through a mini tantrum Butter chicken Tuesday with the girls... actually just the girls. These... Continue Reading →

11:5 – 5,000 New Smiles

In honor of the Dental Clinic's quiet but profound impact over the last six or so months and seeing their 5,000th patient (and 20,000 procedures) I give you a heap of smiles 🙂

Endless Gifts (25)

Our amazing Ghurkas who returned to Nepal after the earthquake and who are doing what they can to help their families, friends, and those in need. I am humbled and blessed by the way these men live life and support their people ... travelling into the remote areas to help Our Ghurka, Min, who came... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (24)

Emmanuel's willingness to help wherever needed, even if its literally just turning on the sound for Monday Funday Movie Night All the Mada II AFM Events are planned and calendared A clean and organized work space thanks to Billy and Rebecca Delicious pizza at La Terasse and knowing that there is a lot going on... Continue Reading →

11:5 – Cars, Trucks and Ambulances

I love my office for a lot of reasons but the top one is because of the view through my porthole. Almost every day I watch as our Land Cruisers and Land Rovers drive back and forth dropping off and picking up patients, I watch as the Transportation team washes and maintains the vehicles, I... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (23)

Celebrating Sierra Leone's Independence Day with a time of prayer, specifically against Ebola and the effects of Ebola, and a Deck 7 party   A tasty banana muffin waiting on my desk The safe return and rescue of almost 400 women and children in Nigera Memories from Congo and the best Reception team (18 minute... Continue Reading →

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