Endless Gifts (22)

Katie bringing me soup when I was sick the first time this week Breakfast with Akbar and Themna lessons Those divine moments that start with you wondering why you are going out to Shoprite when you feel so sick but it ends with you and your friend taking photos of tumor and contact information for... Continue Reading →

11:5 – Mercy Ministries

Mike probably has one of the best jobs on the whole ship. He gets to spend most of his week visiting orphanages, deaf schools, retirement homes, HOPE Center, the hospital Pediatric unit and a home for the handicapped. He gets to spend his days seeing the little cracks between this world and Heaven and he... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (21)

Finding forgotten memories on my phone \ Yummy crevette au coco (shrimp in coconut sauce) and discovering a new restaurant Brenda's company while I worked on Tuesday night A much needed 13 hour sleep A windy early morning run Hearing the great stories from Mercy Ministries The opportunity to be creative and help Lisa decorate... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (20)

Even Peanut Butter M&M's from Holland have that sadly comforting dishsoap taste A nap on the beach in perfect stillness A chat with the parents A thoughtful and sweet gift from my dear friend Caitlin And a sweet card from my stalkers 😉 Big deep breaths and a decision made for next year The second... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (19)

Ship kids... Emma Cash's pedicure... Reiner running to open a door for me... these kids are great to share life with The first Dress Ceremony for the VVF program A much needed night away at Ocean 501 and waking up to the sound of the ocean meeting the shore Vanilla ice cream + coconuts +... Continue Reading →

11:5 – All Smiles

The first time I met this little family was when I picked them up from the airport, mama was quiet and looked a bit overwhelmed from the travel and Fitia was frightened, in pain and looked downright miserable from a massive burn on her neck and chest. It was one of those stories where everything... Continue Reading →

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