1,000 Gifts (676-700)

The beautiful people I've met so far that have made this time of preparation a complete joy: 676. Roguy - my translator who became my friend who became my brother. One of the most humble and anointed men I know. 677. Gabin - the many meetings he went to and letters he helped write and... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (651-675)

651. The encouraging words of Dianna Cash 652. Advance team selfies 653. The Dental Clinic is finished! 654. Waking up to Amy's incredibly poignant and motivating e-mail 655. That because of the delay Lisa will be on the ship when it arrives in Port! 656. The Transparency Project 657. A relaxed night at the beach... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (626-650)

626. The tell tale signs of a windstorm and then hearing rain pummel the roof and patio 627. Making friends with the Security woman at EcoBank and hearing her laugh and seeing her beam when I remembered her name 628. Certain-Dri (seriously this stuff is a must have for hades like climates!) 628. Solomon giving... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (601-625)

601. Selection Day posters are printed and being handed out 602. Learning to drive a manual 603. Harmen's patience while I was driving 604. Learning to make Bissap with Armelle 605. An afternoon spent with Armelle and looking forward to working with her during the field service 🙂 606. A beautiful and thoughtful gift from... Continue Reading →

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