1,000 Gifts (576-600)

576. After six weeks we finally got the cars! 577. Harmen, Hanna and Philip putting the logo on the first vehicle 578. Andrea and her patient and strong leadership 579. Nicole always doing the laundry even when it's rainy 580. A few moments of real and honest conversation and prayer with Kirstie 581. Multiple conversations... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (526-550)

526. That persistence and a smile can make a very strong point 527. Philip's willingness to drive all over town so I could find the ridiculously specific folder that the MoFA requested 528. My security guard friend at Moov and the laughs we share at the expense of my broken French 529. That rainy season... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (501-525)

501. That each day is a good and perfect gift. 502. That I had the chance to meet pastor Augustine and see just a tiny bit of his big heart for God 503. The impact one man has had across borders and continents 504. Construction started on both the HOPE and Dental sites! 505. Dan... Continue Reading →

On An Unexpected Death

This time the harbinger came by an apple red motobike carrying two men dressed in striking suits with ties that popped. They passed us on our walk home from the pool and somehow, deep down I knew they carried bad news. I met a man here in Cotonou who is a history maker, a game... Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday – Exhale.

Today's prompt is EXHALE: Go. When I was little I played that game where you hold your breath when you go through a tunnel. It's easy at first but then your cheeks start to hurt, you tap your toes or stamp your feet (because somehow expending more energy makes sense).And then finally you make it... Continue Reading →

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