1,000 Gifts (476-500)

476. Chocolate from Texas in our test envelop (thank you Curtis!) 477. Two contracts signed, sealed and delivered... 478. Which mean two big check marks on my "To Do" wall 479. The most epic 33km road trip complete with broken down cars (twice), crepe stops, being pulled over by the police, a 90 minute wait... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (451-475)

451. Kirstie's safe arrival to Cotonou and our team is complete now! 452. Wendy's steady friendship and that when I share my heart she just "gets it" 453. Waking up to an epic rainstorm on Sunday morning 454. Sunday morning coffee in bed and staying in my PJ's well into the afternoon 455. An encouraging... Continue Reading →

Big. Bold. Prayers.

Audacious: showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. synonyms: bold, daring, fearless, intrepid, brave, courageous, valiant, heroic, plucky; antonyms: timid This is one of my favorite words. It communicates strength and determination and these are two of the characteristics I strive for my life to reflect. It's also taken on more meaning to me... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (426-450)

426. Girls night with the lovely Andrea, Hanna and Nicole 427. Exploring the market 428. Dancing with a shopkeeper's little girl in the street of the market 429. Staying hydrated in style   430. That our team rolls with the punches and recovers with grace and never gives up 431. Another perfect afternoon at my... Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday: Messenger

Today's prompt is┬ámessenger. Go. We've been in Cotonou, Benin for 34 days. In 34 days we've met Ministers, Ambassadors, Managing Directors, Secretary Generals and Comissoners. We've presented Mercy Ships to security guards, business owners, salesmen, pastors and perfect strangers over lunch. Our little team has served as messengers of hope in government buildings, hospitals, city... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (401-425)

401. A perfectly timed note from my beautiful optirealist friend 402. That there is grace on those days where it all falls apart 403. That there is also a lot of belly aching, tears streaming down your face, can't breath laughter on those days too 404. Sitting with friends under a velvet blue sky and... Continue Reading →

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