Dear Sebastian

My dear, sweet Sebastian, You make my heart smile, and when you curl up and rest your head against my chest I feel such a calm come over your little body and I know you can feel my love for you. I won't forget the way you felt in my arms or the way your... Continue Reading →

The One Where I Have Surgery

My eyes were heavy and my eyelids greasy when I rubbed them, I felt a perfect and simple peacefulness as my mind woke up and tried to sort out where I was. And then I felt the sharp, searing pain throb from my abdomen and I remembered I was in OR 3 in the Africa Mercy hospital.... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (201-225)

A few of these ones will probably raise some questions, fret not, everything is OK and a post to explain it all will be posted tomorrow 🙂 201. Peeps! 202.  A Saturday afternoon at the market 203. An evening out with friends enjoying the warm African nights with cool breezes and lots of laughs 204. Our new... Continue Reading →

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