1,000 Gifts (251-275)

251. Nicole introducing me to the Miranda show... 252. ...And getting lost in a Battlestar Galactica marathon 253. Katie, who continues to bless me with her loyal friendship and servant's heart 254. An encouraging devotion from my Aunt 255. Finally getting off ship, if even for just a few hours 256. Finding a way to... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (226-250)

226. A window to watch rainstorms, sunrises and ships from 227. Daises and tulips from sweet friends 228. A good friend was with me when I heard the news about Sebastian and wasn't uncomfortable with the tears and silence 229. That Sebastian is whole 230. Brunch with the Jones' 231. Eating dinner in the dining... Continue Reading →

Dear Sebastian

My dear, sweet Sebastian, You make my heart smile, and when you curl up and rest your head against my chest I feel such a calm come over your little body and I know you can feel my love for you. I won't forget the way you felt in my arms or the way your... Continue Reading →

The One Where I Have Surgery

My eyes were heavy and my eyelids greasy when I rubbed them, I felt a perfect and simple peacefulness as my mind woke up and tried to sort out where I was. And then I felt the sharp, searing pain throb from my abdomen and I remembered I was in OR 3 in the Africa Mercy hospital.... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (201-225)

A few of these ones will probably raise some questions, fret not, everything is OK and a post to explain it all will be posted tomorrow 🙂 201. Peeps! 202.  A Saturday afternoon at the market 203. An evening out with friends enjoying the warm African nights with cool breezes and lots of laughs 204. Our new... Continue Reading →

1,000 Gifts (176-200)

176. A friend who knows that sometimes, chocolate and coffee are just as comforting as a big hug 177. Lisa's wise and encouraging words 178. Posture lessons with Esther 179. Parks and Rec marathon on MovieNight 180. Good news from Ali 181. Another stunning sunset and dinner conversation 182. A new red dress 183. Having 1am... Continue Reading →

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