The One That Got Away

Today my back, shoulders and arms ache. Physical reminders of the ache in my heart after Selection Day. I posted before about trying to prepare for what the day would hold. I know now that it is a vain pursuit, nothing can prepare you. When we arrived at 6:00am daylight was just struggling to peak... Continue Reading →


"A short update on the main screening/patient selection held today (28 August) here in Pointe-Noire, Congo: 4,236 potential patients came in the main gate of the school while open from 06:24 - 18:44 With caregivers the total coming inside the compound would be over 6,000 adults and children. Hospital Director shared that 'it is beyond our expectation'. ... Continue Reading →

Get Ready. Get Set…

 Selection Day is about 32 hours away. My heart is excited to for Wednesday at 6:30am (Tuesday 10:30pm for my West Coast followers). That is when our first patient will walk through the gate and begin their registration. Followed by the next. Then the next. And so on until about 5:00pm. The number of people waiting to be seen can... Continue Reading →

The Terrible Beauty That Is Community

One of the main reasons I was drawn to Mercy Ships was the community living aspect. I love the fellowship it affords... breaking bread together, worship together, struggling together, supporting each other. But we are all human and imperfect and as many know, sharing life together can lead to frustrations, hurts and headaches. And in... Continue Reading →

New Country. New People. New Legacy.

Hello Pointe-Noire! After a long sail we pulled into port to a generous welcome by the Minster of Health, government officials and Mercy Ships founders Don and Deyon Stephens. It was exciting and emotional to be a part of a historical moment: this is the first time Mercy Ships has served in Central Africa. And... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

We are nine days into our sail and we have started to get a little creative on how to pass the time and not go stir crazy, yesterday we built kites and attempted to fly them off the stern of the ship. Some worked for a few seconds, most stubbornly refused to fly but it... Continue Reading →


Sailing is a whole lot of breath taking beauty but there are some not so exciting things as well. Like being cooped up in a tin can for 14 days with constant rolling and shuddering drops off the swells (one three year old on the ship has decided its actually when we run over a... Continue Reading →

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