Endless Gifts (152)

Friendly and safe Lyft drivers to and from doctor's appointments during the snowstorm Snow plows and maintenance that made it possible to finally escape the apartment Chatting with Jenny and Henry and building out a to do list for The Gathering... challenge accepted. Intermissionary is officially recognized by the State of Florida! Leaving the snow... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (151)

Finally got TSA PreCheck... and it feels so good UberEats on snow days and perfectly spiced Pad Thai Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies... and cookies for breakfast the next morning An awesome snap chat documentary about Steve... the guy who shoveled the snow on the hill across the way Uber and Lyft drivers who saved... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (150)

Celebrating April Rose and catching up with friends Happy hour with Krissy on her whirlwind last trip to Seattle Friday night Costco run and making the best of adulting Making new friends and laughing about the football team in our apartment Taxes filed Game of Thrones marathon has begun Wearing a reminder of the beautiful... Continue Reading →

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